Introducing PublicGyan – The Public Knowledge Exchange

Will Oil touch 70USD/barrel at the end of this month? Will Rahul Gandhi be made a cabinet minister by the end of 2005? Will Jagdish Bhagwati win the 2005 Nobel Prize or will Hillary Clinton contest the 2008 presidential elections?
The pundits on the blogosphere and the commenters have differing opinions on questions like the above. But are you willing to put money where your mouth is? If so take a look at PublicGyan, the Public Knowledge Exchange, where you can make predictions for the future and trade like the Iowa Electronic Markets. Nitin, the man behind the idea has an excellent introduction to this concept.
The site was implemented by the man who breathes technology – Srijith (with lot of support from his wife). Currently you can join only if you have an invite from one of the members. If you need one, please leave a comment with your real email address or mail me at jk at varnam dot org.

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