Best Books on Indian History

Indus-Saraswati Civilization

The Lost River by Michel Danino

In this 368 page book, Michel Danino narrates Saraswati’s tale, assembling it from the reports of Western explorers, Indian scholars, Archaeological Survey publications, and Vedic texts. Saraswati is the river which connects the Vedic culture with the Indus Valley civilization. The largest number of settlements were not in Mohenjo-daro or Harappa, but along the banks of Saraswati. It was also the river praised the most in the Vedas. One of the best books about this era. Read my review

First War of Independence

Operation Red Lotus by Parag Tope

This reluctance to deviate from the colonial narrative 150 years after the war and 60 years after obtaining political freedom is a telling sign about the state of historical study in India. This book presents a different portrayal of the first war of independence of 1857. The author, who is a descendent of Tatya Tope, present new evidence from previously untranslated documents. Read my review

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