California Update

In 1911, California added three direct democracy actions to the constitution giving more power to the people
* initiative process: allows voters to pass laws directly
* referendum: allows voters to strike down laws passed by legislature
* recall: what we are seeing now.
Now we are seeing direct democracy at its best. Arnold Schwarzenegger may or may not run. Larry Flynt is running.
bq. “California is the most progressive state in the union,” said Flynt, 61. “I don’t think anyone here will have a problem with a smut peddler as governor.”
Currently about 300 people have filed their candidacy. All you need is $3500 and 65 signatures.
[Ref: Economist, “KCRA”:]

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  1. Niraj, Good idea. The first act as Governor would be a foreign trip to Kerala to study how rice is grown there.

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