Forgotten Events: How Goa joined the Union

Even after India became Independent, the Portuguese refused to give up their territory of Goa.
bq. Both Britain and France had long given up their territories. A reluctant India decided to march into Goa and on December 13, 1961 Operation Vijay was launched. It was no contest and the whole thing finished in 48 hours.
bq. And yet, the action was not bereft of some interesting incidents. The Indian Navy saw its first action after Independence. At Diu, the Indian Army found it hard going to cross the creek surrounding Diu island and were taking heavy casualties until the navy’s ageing cruiser Delhi carried out point blank bombardment of Diu fort from a range of one-and-a-half miles forcing the garrison to surrender.
bq. Off Goa the only resistance put up was by the pre-World War II Portuguese frigate Alfonso de Albuquerque which came out to give battle to the Indian Navy’s latest frigate Betwa, commanded by Commander (later Vice-Admiral) Rusi Gandhy. Gallant Albuquerque was no match for Betwa’s state-of-the-art gunnery and was soon driven on shore by the latter. Her crew were taken prisoner.
[Source: “Rediff”:]