Recalling the Governor

California, the world’s fifth largest economy is having a $38 billion deficit and the blame is on Governor Gray Davis. He was re-elected to office only last year, but there is a serious campaign to recall him. But finally it is all about money.
bq. “California voters back governor recall:”: Still, being presented with considerations related to a recall effort appears to give voters pause. For instance, when informed that a recall effort could cost $25 million, the pro-recall majority evaporated.

2 thoughts on “Recalling the Governor

  1. It is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Honestly, some of these Republicans are off their rocker. It is better for Davis and the Democrats to stew in their own juices.

  2. Niraj, lets say the GOP comes to power, how are they going to fix the deficit ? They will have to raise taxes (already the vehicle tax is going up 3 times now) and do many unpleasant things which will hurt them more. It is better to leave Gray Davis alone and leave him to the natural electoral process to remove him.

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