Bharateeya Blog Mela No 19

Here are some of the best Indian blog entries for this week.
smorgasbord in his post “My Hinduism, Your Hinduism”: says “My Hinduism has nothing in common with the narrow views defined by Ashok Singhal or Bal Thackeray, who are undemocratic, ignorant and self-serving demagogues”. He also has another nomination “The Star Spangled Indian connection”: which brings out the connection between the American national anthem and India.
Indian Ink has two nominations as well. “Fruit Labels”: solves the mystery of identifying conventional, organic and genetically modified food. There is also a recipe to prepare “Badam Laddu”:
Sandeep takes off from where I left and dissects Pritish Nandy’s racist article against the NRIs in this entry titled “Pritish Nandy’s Jokes”:
Niraj explains why “Israel should not snub the BBC”: “I personally believe Israel should maintain relations with the BBC because it is better to get your views across, no matter how the BBC may spin it, then not saying anything at all. Why cede the argument to the other side?”
Shanti writes about “Multiculti hypocrisy”: and says “It is extremely irritating for me to hear how proud someone else is of my culture and heritage, to the point that they won?t condemn or worse, let me condemn even the bad things about my own culture or about other cultures I see around me.”
Lazy Geek has a “review of film music and movies”:
That’s it for this week. If you wish to host the next Blog Mela, please drop a comment. We need volunteers. If no one volunteers, I threaten to host again.

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  1. Thanks for posting my entry. Very interesting post from smorgasbord about the “The Star Spangled Indian connection.”

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