Finding Nemo

I have to “agree with Srijith”: when he says “Finding Nemo”: is a great movie. It is brilliant, witty and has the great Pixar animation and a good story that kept me engrossed all through. It also has very memorable characters, the turtles riding the EAC are my favs (so are the seagulls in Australia, who keep saying “Mate”, the school of fish which gives directions, Dory, Nigel) Also the film does not have Keanu Reeves.

5 thoughts on “Finding Nemo

  1. I thought they say..MINE MINE MINE, and that makes sense because remember the crab scene…so i thought they all were saying..MINE MINE MINE..;-)

  2. lets ask Mike Hoppper, i am sure he would say…”NOOOOOO (Mr No)!! they were saying Mike Mike Mike”

  3. have the dvd, in the voice over version, the director comments that the seagulls say ‘mine’ , and that they are like rats with wings

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