Minorities in Muslim countries

bq. “Idols missing from Pak temples:”:http://www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030702/main8.htm The government of Pakistan is not allowing even local Hindus to look after their desolate temples on the pattern of Sikh gurdwaras, which reveals its hidden agenda to divide the minorities in the country, says Mr Mathura Dass Arora (72), deputy leader of the last jatha of Hindus that visited the Pakistan temples in 1999. ?After this pilgrimage, the Hindus were not allowed to visit Pakistan on the pretext that they were not safe there. If jathas of Sikhs can be provided with security, the Hindus can be protected as well,? he told The Tribune.
This is how minority places of worship are treated in the land of the pure

18 thoughts on “Minorities in Muslim countries

  1. Go to and type… “weapons of mass destruction” (including the quotes) in the search textfield. Click on the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button. Check out the results!

  2. JK, in a land where they still have blasphemy laws, Pakistan is just an example of how the world will be run if God forbid, Islamists were to rule the world.

  3. JK, minorities are not treated equally in most countries. India & Pakistan are no exceptions. Fundamendalism is alive and thriving thanks to an abundance of people like you.

  4. JK, I said that because everything that I see on this page is blatently pro hindu to a point where it is quite comical. To give an extreame example, under the title “hindus in Pakistan”, it says 15 people dead including a hindu woman. What about the other 14, are they not human beings? Don’t get me wrong, I am a hindu too, but thank god my outlook on minorities is different from yours. Is it ok for hindus to smash mosques because of what is happening in Pakistan? Is that your point?

  5. sab, I am a Hindu. So I am concerned when anything happens to them. If that is fundamentalism to you, then it is your definition.
    I never said, it is ok for any religion to go and destroy anything else. It is you who came up with that kind of logic. How on earth did you come up with that anyways ?

  6. JK, you are right, you didn’t say it and I never said you did either. I have to go fix something to eat. Take care

  7. sad to see the plight of hindu brothers / sisters living in the terrorist state. time we get together to give a fitting reply so that these poeple have no jurrath to repeat this nonsense against Hindus.

  8. chuchu, i live in london and was told of a gang consisting of few white men who used to beat up any asian walking down the street at night just out of racism, in the eastern areas of london. the asians especially the muslims ganged up and formed a similar group to bash up the whites. after a few incidents like this, the bashing up stopped ! pakistanis deserve a befitting reply for all their wrongdoings. if hindus are being ill-treated in Pakistan, the muslims will have to pay in India ! if Pakistan refuses to genuinely shun religious fanaticism, fundamentalism and terrorism, it can never become a modern tolerant progressive state respected by the world.

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