Some facts on river linking

In the article “Waiting For ‘Godaganga'”: B. G. Varghese has some interesting facts
* The Sardar Sarovar and Indira Gandhi Canal have been transporting water for many years now
* 110 years back the water of Periyar river was diverted to irrigate dry lands in Tamil Nadu
* Per capita availability of water in India has declined from 5,177 to 1,869 cubic metres since 1951 and will be down to 1,140 cubic metres by 2050.
While presenting the case for river linking he righty says that this alone will not solve the water problem.
bq. The other components in the Hariyali package include rainwater and rooftop harvesting, watershed management, afforestation, groundwater recharge, the desilting of ponds, tanks, beels, jheels and other water bodies, wasteland reclamation and the proper maintenance of canals, drainage systems and embankments

One thought on “Some facts on river linking

  1. The river linking project will bring lot of natural digester in Bangladesh.
    River’s will dry , Ecological system will be totaly lost.

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