Instapundit on outsourcing

Glen Reynolds, aka “InstaPundit”: has a column up at TechCentral where he looks at the movement of labor from United States to Third World countries (which I prefer to call developing nations). He wonders why liberals are opposed to this
bq. “Outsourcing and Elections:”: It’s true that corporations do this in order to maintain profits — but they usually are pressed to do that by downward pressure on prices, brought about by competition, which means that they’re not earning a windfall out of the deal, and the savings are passed on to consumers, another group that liberals are supposed to like. So it’s odd that opposition to outsourcing would attract interest from “liberal” groups, though it clearly has.
He mentions India as one of the countries where most of the Tech jobs are vanishing. Today “Oracle has big plans for India”: But it is not just the tech jobs that are moving to India. Soon it will be the place where “cartoons”: are made, and where your next “auto part”: comes from.

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    It seems Indian software programmers are pricing themselves out of jobs as U.S. companies look elsewhere for even cheaper sources…

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