Asia, an attractive investment

There are various conspiracy theories regarding globalization, with the most popular one being that it is run by the White House. This is regularly repeated in various article in mainstream Indian media. But according to Thomas Friedman in his book “The Lexus and the Olive Tree”:, the investment decisions are made by global investors who are looking for countries which can give better returns on their investment. So if United States does not give good returns on investment, then the global investor will move his money to any country which does.
bq. “Investors Flock to Cheap Asian Stocks:”: Foreign funds have been flowing into regional stock markets, with Taiwan in particular a favored destination and tech stocks among the most sought after assets. Of the five markets Nomura tracks, Thailand was the second most popular market, with stocks worth US$384 million bought by foreign investors since the start of the year. But in the last month more money has poured into Taiwan and South Korea. Within the Asia Pacific region, excluding Japan, fund managers were most positive on Taiwan stocks over the next 12 months, followed by India, South Korea, China and Indonesia. But they were underweighting Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and especially Australia.