Prakash Karat's history lesson

Recently CPI (M) General Secretary Prakash Karat called President George Bush a fool andsaid that he had a poor understanding of history. Mr. Karat was attending a function commemorating the 90th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution was angry that President Bush had compared Lenin to Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler. But guess who has a poor understanding of history?

Following an assassination attempt on Lenin, Stalin wanted a policy of “open and systematic mass terror” to be enforced and Lenin agreed. Red Terror was announced as a policy on September 1, 1918.

“To dispose of our enemies, we will have to create our own socialist terror. For this we will have to train 90 million of the 100 million of Russians and have them all on our side. We have nothing to say to the other 10 million; we will have to get rid of them.”

Do not look in the file of incriminating evidence to see whether or not the accused rose up against the Soviets with arms or words. Ask him instead to which class he belongs, what is his background, his education, his profession. These are the questions that will determine the fate of the accused. That is the meaning and essence of the Red Terror.[Purpose of the Soviet Red Terror]

According to some historians between 1917 and 1922 about 280,000 people were killed through summary executions and supression of rebellions. The repression was against peasants, industrial workers and any one who did not agree with the revolutionaries. Still such brutality is not called holocaust by historians because that credit goes to Hitler alone.

The Sunday edition of New York Times had two stories related to that era and the first one is about the last Russian czar Nicholas II, and his family whom Lenin ordered to be killed in July 1918. Eleven people (czar,the czar’s wife, five children, doctor and three servants), were  killed, but the remains of only nine were found. A bunch of amateur detectives have now found some bones and pieces of jars that held the acid used to disfigure the bodies and DNA tests will decide if they belong to Aleksei, 13 and his sister.

The second story is about the time of Stalin. In his book The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia, Orlando Figes writes about what happened to millions of ordinary people during the time of the great communist revolution.

Each story had its own disheartening logic. Stalin’s campaign to intimidate the population had no moral limits. Figes tells of Pavlik Morozov, a teenager said to have been killed by older family members because he had denounced his father for selling false papers to kulaks living in nearby “special settlements.” (The kulaks were a category of so-called richer peasants who were regarded as the principal obstacle to collectivization.) The father was sentenced to a labor camp and later shot. After the boy’s death, the Soviet press created “a propaganda cult” around his case. Maxim Gorky called for a monument to be erected because the boy had “understood that a relative by blood may also be an enemy of the spirit, and that such a person is not to be spared.”[Stalin’s Children]

Similar to how Jihadis around the world worship Osama bin Laden people like Prakash Karat worship mass murderers like Lenin and Stalin and they get offended when the truth about them is told. Mr. Karat may hate George Bush, but at least the latter has his history right.

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  1. JK:
    Of course Prakash Karat is going to call President Bush a fool because, as you so clearly illustrated, President Bush is right.
    Like radical Islam and Nazism, communism is a totalitarian ideology that relies on violence and terror to maintain power.
    It seems Prakash Karat, who received his training at JNU, official university for communism, is reduced to childish name calling.
    Quite telling, I think.

  2. “communism is a totalitarian ideology that relies on violence and terror to maintain power.” I completely disagree. Without understanding any subject it is foolish to make such public remarks. If you want to understand communism, read the “communist manifesto” and then decide what you want to call communism. President Bush whom both of you apparently seem to worship, probably doesn’t know the difference between Lenin and Osama Bin Laden. Lenin was the first to apply marxian philosophy and marxian principles into administration and society. The modifications that he made in marxism for administering the state are known as Leninism. Please atleast atleast get your facts correct if not history correct.

  3. Aseem, my mistake. I should have written, “Lenin told the peasants that I am the first to apply marxian philosophy and marxian principles into administration and society, and the first step is to kill all of you”

  4. Followers of communist parivaar (Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, Naxalism, Pol Potism) resort to violence to sustain it. What is there to argue in it? The article is not about the difference between the Leninism and Communism, but an observation of the fact that it does not matter to the people who are dead.

  5. See the use of force in any political ideology is a very relative concept. To verify just organize a public gathering of 50 people without police permission and see how the police will treat you. Your contention that communism uses force to sustain itself is incorrect. Communism as a system has failed i agree, and it is not a desirable form of government either. The essence of communism (like a class less society, dictatorship of the proletariat) are in my view slightly Utopian although many communists would disagree with this. The point that Im trying to make is that although many concepts and issues about communism are redundant it still cannot be completely discarded. The left parties and their issues with several economic policies of the UPA government are fairly logical. Take for example the Indo US nuclear deal, the left parties have said that through this deal we are forging a strategic alliance with the US and therefore we loose our sovereignty to design our foreign policy, so tomorrow if the US says “Bomb Iran” we have to support their decision even if we dont agree with them. The left parties are constantly bringing up the common minimum pro gramme to make sure that the government sticks to its word about the various sectors like agriculture, employment etc. So the crux of the matter is that one cannot simply label communism as you have and call it evil, yes it has some serious flaws and it has made mistakes but still one cannot completely discard it.

  6. Aseem, Indian Communists for me are simply anti-national and they are a bunch of traitors. So it does not matter to me what their ideology is or what they think.
    All you need is look at North Korea and South Korea and see the value of communism. I would prefer to live in South Korea any day and so for me Communism is not even a utopian idea, but something very dangerous which can only send people into poverty.

  7. With due respect, I am not sure what people like Aseem Naphade are driving at. The 123 agreement has a Hyde Act rider that says that if President of US does not think that India is in synch with US policy objectives, India would have to return the material supplied. Nowhere does it say that we have to “bomb Iran”. Probably, he has read the Chinese version of agreement. Moreover,
    1. Our defence reactors stay the way they are – no IAEA oversight.
    2. Deal opens up huge business opportunities for US high technology firms in India. In all pobability, commercial interest would prevent any future US president taking ad hoc decision with respect to Hyde act.
    3. India scientists would have access to cutting edge instrument and technology for further research.
    I don’t understand the aversion to “strategic alliance with US”, maybe for communists it translates to “getting ahead of China”. Communists are comfortable with us changing our Tibet policy to please China but heavens fall if we support US in opposing regimes like North Korea.

  8. North Korea,Cuba and China these are CPM’s most favoured list. Everybody knows what happens in these countries.
    Prakash Yuan is a Chinese agent. If he were in one of these countries, he would have been in prison.

  9. US has the higest rate of killing people.They did it in JAPAN, VIATNAM,and in IRAQ.From tomarrow they will do it against IRAN.The crime against STALIN ha not proved.But the crime against BUSH and his predissotrs r r proved,and we have seen it,so in my opinion PRAKASH KARAT is right.

  10. @giri,
    The crime against STALIN ha not proved.
    Do you know how to use libraries and find references for any given information? How many Stalin’s Bio have you read?

  11. I bet that at some point of time Karat or his family member may been turned down by US for a VISA. I think he carries a personal grudge against US.I believe that Karat is insincere when he claims that he stands for the poor. Would he publish his or his wife’s personal wealth?

  12. I have been reading the comments for some time. Probably we don’t know the deal in its exact form but you can always go to this site and take a look at it:
    The deal seems to me reasonably in favor of India. In a deal you cannot expect to get everything in your own favor as then it becomes a no-deal. We have to realize the present global situation. In coming future India would require huge energy sources. The deal will certainly facilitate that. Remember oil price hike is not India’s choice. One can do nothing about it. Initially I saw Sitaram yechury saying that they had problems with certain parts of the deal but he never clarified it explicitly. Now, suddenly Prakash Karat is saying that make everything public. My question is if the deal was not public before then why didn’t you make that point clearly at that time? You have to realize that whatever you think US is now the sole superpower in this planet. We have to act according to the present situation. Even communist China has the same deal with US with even harsh conditions. Come on Communist leaders, you guys tried to prevent computers in west bengal just because that would loosen the red tape. You tried to prevent industrialization, entrepreneurship just to promote lack of jobs, lack of people with great visions. Why don’t you look at China? They followed the way which fulfills their dreams. They never went against US to cut their own finger. Bengalees around the globe will agree that they lost hope in west Bengal. You cannot even tackle Haldia petro project which was one way to show the rest of the India that communists can do industry without businessmen. Your theory of equality is full of flaws. You bring everything down from up but never try to push things up from down. You have made calcutta university, presidency college a hub of dirty politics, transferred the good profs to remote villages but never tried to make the other colleges better if not as good as presidency. You never joined government (dont forget political blunder with Jyoti basu) because you are there to bring it down. You never tried to take challenge, to do something new, to show an example. You got more than 25 years in west bengal, could you make it a heaven? Now dont talk rubbish and go to sleep forever.

  13. @Rajagopal,
    Karats were in the USA recently for vacation and they go back home and become anti-USA.

  14. All the above critics of Communism and those who defame Comrade Karat are not even worht his boots. However, it is a fact that those who despise Communism are religious fanatics and fundamentalists. These critics do not have time to clean themselves…. they are the filthy lot and should be thrown into the savage. They despise Communism out of ignorance after their elders told them a fake and fraud script on Commnunism. The pro US Indians, you need a clean whipping for your defamatory writings on the Comrade. However you are not even worth the dust. IDIOTSSSSS.

  15. All the above critics of Communism and those who defame Comrade Karat are not even worth his boots. However, it is a fact that those who despise Communism are religious fanatics, anti nationals, imperialists, capitalists and fundamentalists. These critics do not have time to clean themselves…. they are the filthy lot and should be thrown into the sewage. They despise Communism out of ignorance after their elders told them a fake and fraud script on Commnunism. The pro US Indians, you need a clean whipping for your defamatory writings on the Comrade. However you are not even worth the dust. IDIOT ASSES

  16. Comrade Karat is the most noticed politcal leader in India and in the US. Some among the US tink tank are marvelled by his resistance to the civil nuclear deal world wide as they also agree that the deal in not good in India’s interest. Like Che, Comrade Karat is an affectional comrade in arms for the youth and students in India. We are proud of our association with the Communist Party and will strengthen its efforts to fight communalism, regionalism, cahuvinism, parochialism and fiundamentalism which the useless Congress is formenting overtly or covertly with CIA spies to destabilise India. The critics of Communism will be exposed sent in exile. BEWARE ZEALOTS.

  17. Comrade, you are right. None of us can be in Prakash Karat’s shoes. When China attacked India in 64, all of us stood for India. We cannot follow a party which thought that it was an internal affair of China.

  18. George, you are misled by Pro Congress historians on communists vis a vis China aggression into India. The students in both Kerala and West Bengal where the unions are strong get a better perspection of communism from the realities that they party does for the people. The Congress are a mafia party and you are immatured to realise that. However, stop watching too much of US movies.

  19. Comrade, Kerala is an economic waste land thanks to communism. If the ‘Gulf’ option was not there, it would be the land with the largest number of beggars.
    I have read statements given by communist leaders themselves who have said that it is an internal affair of china. No need to bring historians and US into this. Do you know what happened to Achyutanandan when he tried to donate blood to Indian soldiers? Do you know what the party did to him. Comrade, you need to read books written by your own people before you assert your ignorance.

  20. George, I sympathise for your aversion for communism. The youth in both Kerala and West Bengal would never have embranced Communism bu for the cheap tactics of the Congress. They play communal cards to survive in both these educationally forward states. Comrade VS or PV or even EKN are victims of PRO Congress police brutality. I seems that you have not visited the villages. However, need not lose heart if the Communism is more accepted in India. Well. George, it is better than the so called Congressism. Well the communists fought the feudal malayalee landlords and got the lands back for the farmers, they brought revolutionary changes in the lives of the common man. Kerala is indeed economic waste since the khadi clad Congressman whenever they are in power plunders the commnan men’s earnings and they have no time to govern seriously. Do be childish and talk like a parrot say or ever think that the communist are against development . i am presently in the Gulf and frined more than 60% of Indians working in the construction companies are explaoited without proper accomodation, food or wages. And mind you this is not India either. I recommned you to read some poems on Lenin written by Russisn Dorian Rottenberg and translated by US writer Peter Tempest. I follow communism and am doing my mite to reach man to respect others, help others equally. CAN YOU DO THAT. The Congress in Kerala can only win votes by taking sides with the religious head and communal parties. Can you deny that.

  21. SFI, The fact that you are in Gulf itself explains why Communism is a failed ideology. Sadly you don’t see the irony in it.

  22. Comrade,
    Did Lenin write the poems before embarking on mass murder or after?
    Ever heard of Vettinirathal? Do you know who did it to the farmers?

  23. @ George and JK:
    Notice the guys who are speaking for the communism in the last 4/5 comments never disclosed their name. I know that you dont have to but isn’t this a sign of being scared. Probably you all remember that whenever you see a terrorist or extremist or an anti-social element in television they are all dressed in masks and always hide their names. I wonder what these guys are. These guys dont even have the ability to continue debate in a proper manner. Whoever speaks against communism becomes their enemies but they won’t try to convince you why communism is better that everything. Come on communist children, grow up and try to figure what you are going to do to transform India as a global power. Do you have any formulae? What about energy crisis through out the world? Are you guys going to go back to the dark age where we don’t have to use lights, gas, petroleum, coal? Some of you are using abusive words like “idiot asses” but I guess these words are often used in US. How did you learn those bad words? Did the americans teach you those?
    The Marxist activist who is also “anonymous” writes: “However, it is a fact that those who despise Communism are religious fanatics, anti nationals, imperialists, capitalists and fundamentalists.” What does this mean? This is a tone of a fundamentalist, isn’t it? You can hear the same voice from the terrorists. Your theory is: if you are a non-believer then you are my enemy. Is this a voice of intellectual communist? You have got tremendous amount of chance but you could not prove yourself, so why crying foul now? Convince us that you have a plan to save INDIA from energy crisis. I have no aversion for the communism if only it can bring us food, shelter and clothes, if only it can bring us prosperity, if only it can make India an economic power, a country where people are happy.

  24. Ignorant George and JK.Well i do not mind giving my name but afterall what’s in your name…synonymous with tyrant Geiorge Bush or what. Guys who seem to have been born with a silve spoon. And probably and haling from an elite descendants those who are part of the Janmis exploiting the farmers and plundering their wealth. You will not be forgotten. Or prbably in your college days have you been roughed up by the SFIs for the ragging and drug menace which you guys are famous for. Commnuism is not meant for you, since you were bred on a wrong footing. However, pity your ignirance once again. Are you one of those guys who wear the gandhi khadi and cap and cheat the people. However how is it that your state is governed by the leftists, the most progressive and secular party in India. Well you are ignorant of the fact the Congress is a sewage and its followers are the brackish waters. Or do you belong to the pastoral community who through their managements are reaping money from the poor students. Or are you the spies who want imperialism in India at the cost of sacrificing our better social fabrics. SHAME ON YOU. Howver, you need not read any materials on Marxism since the language is tough and I dount how much you have studied either. Anyway, do not fear the Communists will safeguard uyou for any communal attacks since they are the only brace ones.

  25. Comrade,
    Thanks for saying in so many words that you have no answers. Once again
    1. Did Lenin write the poems before embarking on mass murder or after?
    2. Ever heard of Vettinirathal? Do you know who did it to the farmers?

  26. @ Comrade(a word taken from the Russians):
    Answer to George’s questions first. Grow up. I didn’t know about those events. Otherwise George will answer for you at some point if you feel so scared and please stop crying foul. Who will save me if I am at Nandigram?

  27. Let the fool support communist and suffer. If the nuclear deal is through I assume states like WB,Kerla,Tripura won’t leverage from the nuclear energy and not cry for frequent blackouts and resort to other states begging for energy. In this current world a possibility of nuclear war is just next to impossible. Then why we should prepare for a war which is not going to happen and not prepare for an impending energy crisis.

  28. Hai fake democrats,
    The problem is that you guys swear religious beliefs. Come out of such orthodox environs. If Gandhiji was alive he would have answered you as to who Lenin or Ho Chi Minh were. However, Nandigram, were you witness to the problems there. When the sikhs were butchered by the congress following the assasination of Indira, where were you. Like sikh babies were snatched from their parents, their legs torn apsrt and hung as garlands over their parents.. where were you. The communalists intention is to saffron India and only the Leftists have the guts to defeat them. The Tsar of Russia was over thrownin 1917 due to their excesses on the poor. What’s wrong on that. The first popularly elected Communist giovernment in Kerala was overthrown by the CIA aided liberation struggle which was led by nasty ruthless pastors. Even Nehru admitted it was a big mistake. Well if Marx’s Dialectical Materialism is not a supreme philisophy why it accepted and taught in all the universities world over including US. Well, Communism is still strong and it only a matter of taking the ignorant people like you into confidence. Take it or leave, it I come from a coastal region in Kerala. This region was congress monopolised from pr independence years till 1985. But since 1986 it became a leftist stronghold. The reason was that the fishing community was exploited. The leftist youth changed the face of the region by embarking on many welfare work, opposing the exploiters and winning the confidence of the community. Now the constituency returns the leftist MLA and MP for the last 20 years. This is same in mahy regions of Kerala and West Bengal ansd this is the reason why the Leftists are to be trusted. You talk of the Leftists antidevelopment, probably you are talking of bi industries and the so called computerisation. My friend instead of wasting your time surfing and finding baseless faults with leftists, why don;t you join the left organisation and support Comrade Prakash in his initiative to stem the tide of inflation, root out communalism and also sauyu GET OUT to US imperialiasm.

  29. I am not for any political party, be it congress or the communist party. Congress may be the reason of the sikh riot, BJP may be the reason of Babri Masjid, CPM may be the reason of Nandigram. @Martin, you didn’t answer George’s question though!!!
    I just want to know what is the exact plan in you big head for our future energy crisis. Probably I have asked the same questions many times. Perhaps it doesn’t go through your rock solid head. Whats your alternative for nuclear energy? Finally what have you done to show the world that you are trustworthy, especially in India?
    Without having any ideas please don’t continue this discussion anymore. Dont write just to blame some of us. We are merely common men who are facing challenges from our growing economy and willing to solve the problems just to survive in future world with our heads held high as Indians.

  30. Martin,
    The problem is that you guys swear religious beliefs.
    No one did that. You just made it up. Once again, answer George’s question.

  31. Arnab, before we talk about India allying with US to solve the energy crisis, could you and other clarify the following :
    When dis this need for a civil nuclear deal with US arise. When about 45 countrie are involved in the group, why is it that we have to make an agreement with the US? Is the US our hope for standing more straight to face the world. Is energy crisis the only proble which alils India. Those nations where the so called energy reactors are runnning… are their problems once and for all solved. If so can the COngress party prove that with a UN approved documentary. Well to harness energy we have our own resources and the need is to make it indigenous and tap it. Well, I happened to see this blog by incident and was upset by the sarcastic remarks on Comrade Prakash Karat. Friends, I am also coming from the old Congress background but I have seen that in a country lime India, the present sort democracy is dangerous. The country is on a communal cauldron and that makes the nation viable for attacks. As earlier mentioned I am in Dubai not at all fascinated by the tremendous grwoth of the country. Dubai very soon will be regarded as the capital of the world. The tallest building Burj Dubai, the largest shopping amll Dubai Mall, the underwater hotel Hydropolis, the artificial mountains, the largest airport coing up in Jebel Ali does not baffle me. The reason is that Middle East is also on a brink of a war. Iran has the capability of attacking Isreal. So, what’s happening around. Who is the reason for the tensions. Why did the Gulf War break up between Iraw and Kuwait. You may not be aware. The US under a secret deal with Kuwait was shipping oil from Rubaiyan Island in Kuwait territory. This infuriated Saddam and he trangressed Kuwait though he had to retreat. Since the deceit of US was exposed, they wanted to finish Saddam and under the pretect that he had weapons of mass desctruction, sent a combinde force rejecting UN plea not to do o. Do you know the destruction Irq faced by the bombings. The pictures came live on Dubai TV which you may not have seen. The young US soldiers are only adventurous, they fire any moving object like we see in the movies. However, what I am tryingt to convey here is that the US can infringe into any territory on its will and destroy. in return to recoup the country, their engineers are called in. That’s a way to make US rich again. The US youth are too lazy to work, they are only after drugs, sex and crime. That’s the reason there is a huge influx of expatriates into the country. And it is not that they are friendly with all nations. They need people to work for them. And in return our brothers and sisters go to US to forget our culture and get corrupt.
    Why I admire communism is that it had taught me to help others. It is scientific socialism and a wonderful concept. What you have heard about the mass murders associated with Lenin is not true. However, I appeal that you have to find out the truth your selves. Now tell me, after India’s independence, which country came to help us in our industrialisation. Of courde not US buth the USSR. Confrim this assertion with your elders. Indians could send a man to space and he is called Cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma and not Astranout RS. Do you believe US had sent theii men to mon in 1969. Well it is moon faker. If they could send a man to moon which is many many lunal miles away when technology was in its infacny that year, why is that after 50 years, with the advancement of science and space the US have not repeated a mooon mission. Hence they are cheaters. Just to defeat the USSR they devised this ploy.

  32. Arnab, this blog is for kids i presume. none of you are going beyond your closed environs. If Nandigram was not a subject, what else you would have a subject of criticism for the Communist. The Communists who are continously ruling West Bengal for 27 years would not do a dastardly act to get the wrath of the people. So let’s leave the issue for all right thinkin people to decide this incident in the nest elections. Now Goerge who was ery much concerned about Nandigram did nto come back when I pointed out the halocaust unleashed on the Sikh community. The Communists in Kerala and West Bengal will defend the stare against communalism. Now Arnab, you ask me what is my solution to the energy crisis in India. Initially, I ask you have you found one or have you relaxed from wrecking your intelligent brain when like ‘EUREKA’ you found that US have to come to our rescue. Arnab, even there is energy shortage in US which they are unable to solve. It may be true that a level of our energy problem may be solved with the civil nuclear deal. But both od us have to wait for at least 10 years to find the effects. In Tamil Nadu, where the most number of wind mills are installed, the enercy shortage in the villages are taken care of. Well, we need adequate energy to boost our economy but I am sure were could bring the neccessary technology if the government gave the right assistance for our R&D. In the meantime, if the US backs out since India in the course of the years do bot subscribe to their ruling, intentions…. then do remember we comrades. Arnab, the goen is the time when US coudl sustain itself from its own resources. Now scarcity starks blank on its face. The communists bitter enemies are the US governments not the American people. There are indeed many US philanthropists who are doing a wonderful humanitarian welfare related services world wide. We appreciate them. We appreciated the Missionaries of Charity work. We are against religous exploitation but not against a meaningful religious order. You may be feelign nuts since I cover many topis under one. I just want to inform that one has to take many events in account while debating. However Arnab, as you say the discusion has to stop. See you bye and take care. My writing in haste have resulted in spelling mistakes. Kindly excuse the same.

  33. Martin,
    If Nandigram was not a subject, what else you would have a subject of criticism for the Communist
    We will come to other subjects later. First lets discuss Nandigram.
    The Communists who are continously ruling West Bengal for 27 years would not do a dastardly act to get the wrath of the people.
    But they did it, didn’t they. Why are you writing about Sikh riots when we ask about Nandigram.? They are far apart in time and have no connection.
    Once again, I ask you if Communists are for poor, why are they destroying farmer’s property through vettinirathal? How is that Communism. Can you please explain that?

  34. Thank you Martin for your long comments. I want to let you know that I didn’t find US as our Saviour….The deal came to us and it is our turn to accept it because it is certainly a part of the solution to the problem of energy crisis. The development of indigenous technology is a continuous process and you cannot expect it to get it whenever you want. Now, with this deal I guess we will have the opportunity to get Uranium as nuclear fuel which we have in very low quantities. The technology is not exactly the issue in this deal. We already have the technology. Probably you know that India has already several nuclear power plants running. We also made nuclear bombs. So, I dont think it’s an issue at all.
    Your perception about US is completely wrong. US is certainly responsible for the creation of Osama, Saddam etc. I know that US supplied arms to them at one point of time and transformed them to Frankensteins but at the same time you have to realize the present situation in the world. It is certainly a good idea to have a good relation with US. Martin, I tell you something. This world never went according to the rulebook, never followed any ideologies. People have tried for centuries, never succeeded. Can you show one truly communist country which followed the theory of communism in a die hard sense? Don’t tell me China did. I have many Chinese friends and I know what’s going on there. They are only doing whatever is good for their country ‘s economy. USSR? Dont tell me they were true communists?…Stalin was brutal dictator and nothing else. Your beloved Prakash Karat never protested against Nandigram. You agree or not Nandigram was a disaster for the communists. The partymen from that party brutally murdered people (even the fact that the people from the opposition party were killed does not justify the killings). I watched live videos of those killings. Dont tell me those are fake. My point is that these people are not true communists. They are traitors in disguise.
    The people in US according to you are all drug addicted. Why comment on a topic which you don’t know at all. Come to US for the lushes of Dubai. There are so many brilliant people in US. Still you can see the maximum nobel laureates are from US. Dont tell me they are lobbying for that also. Your comments on the Indians living in US were so wicked. There are certainly people who forgot their country and didn’t go back ever. There are certainly people who forgot their culture, their roots. BUT there are people who are so passionate about their country that they don’t even buy a house(which is very easy thing in US if you are in a job) just to do charity work for their country named INDIA. There is tons of NGOs working in US to promote education in INDIA. Me, myself joined a similar group. There are many students in US who came to study in a better academic environment and passionate about going back to India to join the newly growing premier institutes. So, dont tell me all those craps. We cannot waste our time to blame people who are not coming back to India. As our country progresses many people will certainly go back. The number of people coming to US from China has decreased to a great level because of the exact same reason. People from europe are also not so much moving towards US as before.
    The bengalees from west bengal started moving away from West Bengal because of the lack of jobs, because of the lack of oppportunities. I admire current CM Buddhadev because only his efforts have to a certain degree changed that scenario. I know how much opposition he faced from his own party to do that. So dont close your eyes, don’t close your heart. Otherwise you will be the same as other common partymen who only know to shout, jam the roads to show their musclepower, block rail tracks to only stop common men to go to office, to stop students go to college, stop patients to have the right to live or at least get the treatment before they die.

  35. So, I guess I proved that you dont have any solutions for ENERGY CRISIS. Now, dont write back on that issue. Answer George’s question. Don’t tell me to go home and do research on those. I want the answer from your own pen.

  36. Arnab, I can get you videos on mass kilings enacted by Congres hoochmen. Nandigram murders are the handiwork of COngress and Mamata. Take it or leave it. YOu and George wants to know what Comrade Karat has to say regarding Nandigram. Well the Congress need to come back to power and all such devious methods are in the sleeves. If the leftist are not an oppoisng political force in India, price rise and communalism would have been out of our hands. You talk of agitation by unions, do you mean the coolies. Arnab even the doctors, engineers, pilots have unions. They strike work which affects everyone. So if you feel that there are more red flags before the factories and industries it is only to stem the exploitation by fraud business houses. You seem to be unneccessary despair. Well India is not backward due to the leftists. The leftists are presently strong in only 3 states. In west bengal, kerala and tripura they command more than 70 percent of the assembly seats. If the voters are against communism these states would have gone to either COngress of BJP. However, Arnab, the only difference I feel is that you have been thinking, reading and watching only the western dispensations. The civil nuclear deal and nandigram seem are non issues. Just because it happened in Bengal and some vidoes you got, you feel helpless. The massacre on sikhs is a not foregone conclusion. It is blot on India. You are been misled by false notions on communism and communists. But just for your info, it is gaining momemtum in India and across the globe. Do not fear. The youth around the world are proud when they wear a Che T shirt. Why. Read about Che. And Arnab, if some think that the Sikh riots are a foregone conclusion, they will not be forgiven. Arnab, the energy crisis in India will not be solved as there is likely to be impasse in the courese of the deal. Just watch out. Now if you out of India, can you tell me what you can do on your return. and Arnab, you need not be Congress fellow traveller but you need to have some instincts of communism since it will help you to bridge the gap between the fortunates and unfortunates. Can you tll me why despite Indian National Congress who are solely responsible for the independence of India is not reduced to a national party in a few states, supported by caste and religious parties. Dies it hold good for India. As I told earlier, one need not be evasive to communism. And as long as you are in a western hemisphere and looking back into indian affairs especially what’s happening only in bengal, then it would be very difficult to reason with you. However, communism hold good for india and with constructive proposals at hand, india will be in safe hands under the leftists dispensation. And when you have tioe just log on to see that apart from certain arab nations, communist parties are at full throttle around the globe. Take care and RED SALUTE.

  37. Which is more important? Ideology or the well being of our country? The goal is to make our country strong and developed. No matter how we achieve this. Communism is a good ideology but the communists never followed it in a right way. If you look back to our history you will see communists even forgot about their own country when they gave more preference to the existence of the then other communist nations like USSR or China. They gave more preference to the survival of communism rather applying it in a proper way. Can you tell me what was the reason not to support India when we had an unwanted war with China? What was the reason to oppose Gandhiji or Netaji? It is the nature of these people to make agenda only to get a strong political hold and to survive for long time even if it costs the well being of countrymen. So, my point is that it is NOT the ideology which is important to the communists but the existence of themselves. check out this blog and wikipedia article therein.
    Sikh riots are well apart in time but even you want to discuss on that , I request you to do that with the congress partymen not here as it is not the issue here in this blog. My point is that to shade your own faults do not bring out others’ faults. If congress is responsible for Sikh riot then communists are also responsible for Vettinirathal and Nandigram. Don’t tell lies constantly on Nandigram. Buddhadev accepted that it was mistake on their part in handling the issue.
    Another small issue: Do you have to call your co-workers “Comrades” and do you have to greet people with “red salute”? Where did you put your own culture? We greet people with “namashkar/ namaste” or the same word in different languages. Whats in a red salute? blood or what?
    See, you already forgot your own culture. We call co-workers as friends or “Dost” in different Indian languages. You guys always try to wear the feathers of the foreign people but remember that you are still that Indian. You cannot become Chinese or Russian.

  38. Arnab, you need to know the meaning of comrade. Kindly refer the dictionary. It means companion and it is universal word. However, let’s wait for the state elections in bengal, kerala and tripura.Thumbs up.. the communists are now an inevitable force to reckon with. You cannot even have the courage to glance on a book of communism cause you may be an orthodox believer and hence a coward. However, communism is more supreme than any other philosophy.Hence who ever have faith in it cannot melt away with your baseless remarks. Take this red salute, even if it symbolises blood what is the problem. are you bloodless????. And if you never heard of red salute…then you may not be aware of red carpet or the red sea. Just cool down and think sensibly.

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