What Aryan Invasion – II

“The perennial concept of people, language and agriculture arriving in India together through the northwest corridor does not hold up to close scrutiny,”

The proponents of the Aryan Invasion/Migration theory believe that Central Asian people bought agriculture to India. Also since we Indians descended from them, there should be some evidence for this in our genetic makeup.
May such theories are being put to rest now. Newly surfaced evidence shows that agriculture developed in Middle Ganga Valley much before Europe. Research by Oppenheimer, Michael Petraglia and Hannah James show that Europeans are descendents of people from India. Two recent genetic studies done in India dispute the European parenthood theory.

A study by scientists at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory in Calcutta has revealed that most present-day Indians are the descendants of early humans who began to arrive in India about 60,000 years ago. It suggests that modern Indians do not owe much genetic makeup to central Asians who arrived much later.

The findings do lend support to the migration of people from central Asia into India.

“Although we did find genetic signatures from central Asian populations in Indian communities, there are not enough (signatures) to prove large-scale mixture with local populations,” research team leader Vijendra Kashyap told The Telegraph.

“The perennial concept of people, language and agriculture arriving in India together through the northwest corridor does not hold up to close scrutiny,” Kashyap and his colleagues at the University of Oxford and the Estonian Biocentre said in their research paper.[Aryan impact myth crumbles]

A separate study by Partha Mazumder at ISI Calcutta also proves that genetic signatures of Indian men are older than 10,000 years and this predates the arrival of Europeans in India.

5 thoughts on “What Aryan Invasion – II

  1. I’m sure stories like this are happening in many places around the world where Western colonial powers formely ruled. Their grandiose acedemia has built a foundation on half-truths, that are catching up to them to this day. While I’m not surprised at all by those findings, I’m glad they were made.

  2. Quick Intro to Indian history
    Do you want to know about Indian history and how European Aryans came to India? Take a look at the SABHA version, assembled from the works of “scholars”. Stanley Wolpert explains lucidly in his book, The New History of India,…

  3. From what I know there is no evidence (archaelogical or otherwise) of Aryan conquest of India. However, is there any evidence cited by proponents of the Aryan Invasion Theory that shows outward migration of the so-called Aryan people from the Central Asia to India? If so many people indeed migrated out of Central Asia and conquered the advanced Indus valley civilization in India, that would indeed be something to write home about?

  4. Ashish, The theory was proposed based on linguistic similarities between Sanskrit and European languages. Then it morphed into white skinned invaders displacing dark skinned dravidians and what not.
    Wikipedia has a detailed explanation of all this.

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