The Communal Color

Aligarh Muslim University’s Executive Committee decided to grant 50 percent reservation to Muslims from all over India and many people were opposed to reservation based on religion for a university funded with the tax payers money. But Shabana Azmi, says

“It is unfortunate that it has been given a communal colour. It should not have had any political ramification,” she told reporters here on the sidelines of the launch of a book `Jama Masjid, Call of the Soul’.[Shabana Azmi backs reservation at AMU]

Yes, reserving half the seats for Muslims is not at all communal. By the same definition of communal by these secularists, Muslim League is not a communal party.

2 thoughts on “The Communal Color

  1. WTF is that lady thinking? “Communal” by definition means stirring up religious tension and giving people an unfair advantage in admission to a publicly-funded university to people solely based on their religion would sound “communal” to anyone with half a brain. And besides, why is there any reason to do this? Should I go to university just because I follow the _____ religion? Should I someday be cutting up someone on an operating table or writing code at a software firm or flying an airplane solely because I follow religion x or religion y? The impracticality and complete indefensibility of “reservations”/quotas would be utterly hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that so much money is being wasted and so many are being discouraged from working hard either because they know their rleigion will get them admission or because they no there religion will make their chance of admission remote. That university IMO is headed for the tubes because of this ridiculuous policy that’s nothing but discrimination.

  2. This much overrated woman who routinely has our idiot media eating out of her hands seems to be going senile, notwithstanding the thick coat of paint on her face. When you exclusively resevre seats for a religious community what would the move be but ‘communal’? The elctoral system that the Brits devised to win Muslim favour is called ‘communal’ award.

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