Coke plant licence renewed

When panchayats start playing political games, the High Court has to step in. Remember the Coke plant in Kerala which was sanctioned by the Communists and then later opposed by them. The panchayat then refused to renew the licence and Coke went to court. The Court then gave permission for the plant to pump a fixed amount of water, but still the panchayat would not renew the licence since panchayats in Kerala follow the Klingon legal system. But, Kerala High Court was not amused.

In a major relief to the soft drinks major Coca Cola, the Kerala high court today directed the Perumatty panchayat, where the company

4 thoughts on “Coke plant licence renewed

  1. Hey,you knw what the Coke ppl’s arguement was?they argued that its their land and they had the right to take any amount of water from there!!no matter what happens to the neighbourhood.which was apparently upheld by the court!!!how embarrassing?the courts are turning anti-ppl nowadays.
    and you,with your blind anti-communism,quotes whatever document that trashes the cpm…without even trying to understand the implications of it.
    i call up on you to read atleast a report from the Hindu on the court judgement in this regard…

  2. Coke: Bench shopping judgment
    JK is happy with the recent High court ruling that allows Coke to resume production at its Perumatty plant in Kerala even if it does not get a license. There is always the “other side” to the story. Unfortunately, commie bashing has become such a fashio

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