Religion on the rise

Discovery Times Channel had a documentary investigating the the roots of 9/11 and as part of that project they visited a madrassa in Indonesia. The children in the school, thought that Jews were behind 9/11 and America was out to destroy Islam. But when asked if they would like to study in United States, they said yes.
Now if a madrassa educated Islamic student comes to Kansas, he will find that they teach the same stuff he wanted to avoid. Kansas Education Board wants to teach Bible as science and creationism instead of evolution. Kansas has been desparately trying to go back to Biblical times since 1999 and now Darwin’s theory is not being challenged in scientific papers, but in a Kansas court. This is a time when scientists and engineers from India and China are competing with Americans for their jobs and Bill Gates is complaining about American Education.
Now if you think this is bad, Pharmacists around the country are not giving certain medication to people, because of their religious beliefs.

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