Not in transit

Whenever Western diplomats and leaders want to visit India, they book a ticket to Islamabad with a stopover in New Delhi. They spend a day in Delhi and visit their cherished destination and then make some statements insulting India. Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Kofi Annan, all have done that. But there are some people who are now visiting India, whose final destination is not Pakistan.

The international president of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, is scheduled to visit India next week amid signs the government may soon lift a ban on foreign investment in the retail industry.
Menzer’s visit comes on the heels of another visit by a U.S. company eyeing opportunities in India: Walt Disney Co. (Research) officials met with the Indian president and prime minister just a few weeks ago.
Local media reports said Disney’s top officials — Chief Executive Michael Eisner and CEO-elect Robert Iger — had lobbied for land for a theme park. But Disney denied the reports, saying in a statement the meetings were to “explore and discuss future opportunities for Disney in the burgeoning market of India.” [Wal-Mart paying visit to India]

What we need is visits by such people whose final destination is India.

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