Road Shows

When I used to live in Los Angeles, the evening news used to filled with stories of high speed car chases and shootings on the freeways. Compared to L.A, Silicon Valley is a sleepy place filled with immigrant geeks. Since these geeks cannot behave as characters in Jerry Bruckheimer movie, like L.A residents, they make up for it in various innovative ways on the freeways.

I work with the woman caught using the breast pump while driving down the freeway (she once told me what a great idea this was so she could multitask on her way to work, etc). I showed her your article and she was highly embarrassed. She never thought that someone would actually be looking at her while she was doing the pumping down the freeway (of course, driving so much slower usually welcomes dirty looks and gawking). Judging from her humiliation, I guess that her days of multitasking while driving are over.[Drivers give new meaning to the words ‘road show’]

I have seen people reading newspapers and shaving while driving, but looks like that is nothing.

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