Movie Reviews #7

  • Harold and Kumar go to White Castle: Asians Rock! If Americans can do gross stuff in American Pie, so can Asians. Harold is a Korean Investment Banker and Kumar is an Indian, who set out to get some White Castle Burgers after getting high. During the night they encounter so many wierd characters and do such wierd stuff. Very funny. Sepia Mutiny writes that a sequel might be on the way.
  • Papparazi: Revenge dramas always hold your attention and this one is no different. A famous film actor and his family is harassed by the papparazi and when the family gets hurt by them, the actor decides to take things into his own hands and give the papparazi a taste of their own medicine. This movie had my attention till the end.
  • The Making of the Mahatma: A young M K Gandhi arrived in South Africa to spend a month for a petty case and ended up staying there for almost 21 years. In those 21 years, many incidents such as racism and the plight of indentured Indians moved him so much that he started fighting for their rights. It was there that he first tried passive resistance to win rights for Indians. This movie also goes into his troubled relations with his son, the fights he had with Kasturba over his idealistic views as well as his attempts to resist conversion attempts by Christian pastors. This movie made by Shyam Benegal stars Rajit Kapur as Gandhji and Pallavi Joshi as Kastuba. Excellent movie.
  • Mystic River: A tragic tale with a gripping narration. As actor/directors like Dev Anand seem to be losing their sanity with old age, Clint Eastwood seems to be getting better and better with each movie. This movie also has wonderful perfomances by Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.
  • The Village: M. Night Shyamalan’s torture movie. I got bored and slept off before the end.

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  1. Since you mention that you enjoy travelogues, do try: River Town by Peter Hessler. I enjoyed this book about an American in a small town in China immensely.
    Another interesting book is “The river at the center of the world” by Simon Winchester. A bit pompous in attitude sometimes, but nevertheless quite interesting and teaches you a lot about the place.
    Do comment if you read these and enjoy them

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