Geeksta Rap

Move over Gangsta, its time for Geeksta rap. When it comes to cultural activities most Indians in the Bay Area stick to the traditional art forms from the motherland. But here is someone different.

It’s all because of Rajeev Bajaj, a 39-year-old chemical engineer from Fremont who is either going to become the def jammer of the science and technology domain or the poster boy for excruciatingly embarrassing nerdiness.
Bajaj recently spent $15,000 of his own money forming an independent record label and hiring musicians to perform four rap and hip-hop songs he wrote in praise of the engineering profession. He hopes his debut album, “Geek Rhythms,” will convince America that engineers indeed are cool.
The album consists of four songs: “Free Energy” is an electronica rap explaining chemical engineering principles; “Geek Dreams” glorifies engineers with a tune reminiscent of a cartoon soundtrack; “Enjoy The Ride” is a techno track about computer geeks (and the only song in which Bajaj joins in on vocals); and “Metamorphosis” is a high-energy, hip-hop look at the mastery of mechanical engineers.[Geeksta rap]

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