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The Pakistan Army has decided to go ahead with its plan to build a cantonment in Balochistan, not withstanding the grievances of the Balochis. A Jirga in Sindh has decided to murder the lady doctor who was raped in Balochistan by members of the Pakistani Army. But then you still need a foreign hand to justify all the violence in this exploited province.
GOP Bloggers think that, if there is foreign involvement, it has to be Iran, rather than India.

We know that Syria is supporting the terrorists in Iraq – we also know that the Iranians at least were doing the same; there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of recent Iranian involvement directly in the terrorism in Iraq. Syria has long been an ally of Iran and it stands to reason that a division of labor could have been created between them – the Syrians to keep us tied down in Iraq, while the Iranians seek to upset our applecart elsewhere. Causing an explosion of violence and/or a civil war in Pakistan would serve Iranian interests – it appears that the people of Balochistan have long-standing grievances with the Pakistani government and now that there is trouble brewing there, we can look to Iran as the potential instigator of the problem. [Iranian Mullahs Causing Trouble?]

Both Iran and Afghanistan have their own share of Balochis and any movement for Independence arising here will cause unrest in those two countries. Also with the proposed gas pipeline through the province benefitting both India and Iran, it would not make sense for those two countries to support the insurgency.

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