Irresponsible nuclear power

While Indian Prime Minister went to Pakistan, singing poems and preaching peace, the Pakistanis were crossing the Line of Control and occupying land in India. There have been many versions of the story as to if the Prime Minister of Pakistan (Official Motto: Jihadis go to heaven, ex-PMs go to exile) Nawaz Sharif even knew about the plan. But whatever said and done, he was the sacrificial lamb sent to Washington, to negotiate yet another Pakistani retreat. Strobe Talbott who was the US Deputy Secretary of State has a book, Engaging India: Diplomacy, Democracy, and the Bomb ,which has a chapter on the events of the day when Nawaz Sharif reached Washington, uninvited.

Clinton bore down harder. Having listened to Sharif

One thought on “Irresponsible nuclear power

  1. Well the irresponsible nuclear power is trying to formulate a nuclear policy. That will take some doing.
    It also hosted a “ARMS FOR PEACE” event recently. well very curious! might be trying to sell nuclear weapons peacefully?

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