Visit Israel

India has decided to extend its support for the Palestinian cause and to make that clear the Minister of State for External Affairs is personally traveling to meet Yasser Arafat. Will he ask Arafat to reign in his suicide bombers ? No. Will the junior minister visit Israel in this trip ? No.
This trip is to convince the Arab world that India is not really cozying up to Israel. The Minister will convey to the Arabs that the previous Govt. made of “Hindu Fundamentalists” may have gone overboard, but No, Sir, we are here at your feet.
Considering the fact that it was Israel who helped many times when India was under attack, it is only fair that the Junior Minister’s visit to Palestine be followed later by a visit by the Indian Prime Minister to Israel. As it was Congress which established formal relations with Israel in the first place, it would right for Manmohan Singh to be the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel.

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  1. What will the likes of you do when one fine day those Arabs decide to kick out all Indians mostly made up of Mallus out of Gulf and stop crude exports to India?

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