The Pakistani show

B.Raman has yet another educational article about the show the Pakistanis are putting up for the Americans.

Act 14: August. Like a magician taking rabbits out of his hat, as the Republican presidential convention and his visit to New York during which he is to meet Bush for another pat in the back approached, Musharraf started finding al-Qaeda dregs all over Pakistan – Arabs, Uzbeks, South Africans and Pakistanis. A plot for simultaneous attacks on Musharraf’s palace and the US Embassy in Islamabad, general headquarters in Rawalpindi and other places discovered and foiled. Many more dregs arrested. Al-Qaeda penetrated. The days of its dregs numbered. Claims galore from the interior and information ministers. Pakistani backers of al-Qaeda identified and under watch. Do you know who is the principal backer, according to these ministers? Musharraf? No. Lieutenant-General Ehsanul-Haq, director general of the ISI? No. He is none other than Javed Ibrahim Paracha , a close associate of Nawaz Sharif and a member of Nawaz’s faction of the Pakistan Muslim League. Yes sir. You now know how al-Qaeda had remained undetected all these years in Pakistan. Because of the support from Nawaz’s Muslim League.

Should one laugh or cry? Don’t do either. Keep watching the show. There are more striptease acts to come as the US presidential elections and the deadline for Musharraf to resign as the chief of the army staff (COAS) approaches. Bush and Tricky Mush need each other. And they both need bin Laden. Bush for winning re-election. Mush for getting US support for his planned violation of the Pakistani constitution in order to be able to continue as the COAS after December 31. [Pakistan: The al-Qaeda striptease ]

Update: Senior Taliban leader trapped in Pakistan

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  1. Gen Musharraf must be invited to America more often. The increased frequency of visits will also result in an increase in the frequency of capture of Al-Qaeda members by the Pakistani officials.

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