Globalization and Poverty

Can globalization help eliminate poverty ? How can the markets intervene and nudge Governments into making investments for this ? The Asian Development Bank has come up with a plan

Many Asian governments are cash-strapped and shackled by debt, thus not enough is spent on education, health care and other social services people in developed nations take for granted. Making less than $2 a day may put some food on the table, but it won’t go far to pay for school. In other words, large portions of Asia’s future workforces aren’t being adequately trained to compete in the age of globalization. Multinational companies are depending on rising Asian incomes to bolster consumer spending and spur demand for cars, electronics, travel and myriad other goods and services. At the moment, developing Asia’s growth is even helping Japan’s much larger economy shake a 14-year slumber.

The Manila-based ADB is working to put the risks of poverty squarely on investors’ radar screens. It’s an intriguing strategy to nudge governments to make sure economic growth reaches the poor. If investors and companies increasingly voice concerns about poverty, officials in Beijing, Jakarta, Manila, New Delhi and elsewhere will find it harder to ignore it.[Poverty Is a Growing Risk to Asian Markets]

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  1. In Asia due to the sheer size of their population India and China have the most number of people below the poverty line. Yet these two countries are among the few developing countries where the number of poor have reduced.
    In south asia these two giants and asean countries have been carrying out economic reforms and embracing globalisation. This is one of the factors that has helped reduce poverty.
    Why are the benefits not reaching the poor?
    the answer simply put politicians & corruption.
    The Asian development bank and other international agencies can do little here.
    The change has to come from within.

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