Accusing India

The Jang has an editorial believing a statement by Balochistan’s Chief Minister that Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW is behind all the terrorism in Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

The unequivocal assertion about the involvement of foreign elements in terrorism and activities of saboteurs that the chief minister of Balochistan has spoken about cannot be totally refuted. Many intelligence agencies in their reports in the recent past have spoken of the involvement of some of those neighbouring countries including India who are afraid of the unpleasant impact on their maritime trade as a result of the construction of the harbour at Gwadar. Probably this suspicion and commercial jealousy are prompting them to patronise these terrorists in Balochistan. The Indian consulates being allowed by the present Afghan government which are working in Kandhar, Jalalabad, and other cities of Afghanistan have also been converted into training camps for RAW agents. Many agents of this Indian intelligence organisation involved in acts of terrorism were caught red handed with arms and maps of important defence installations on the Pak-Afghan border. [Causes of terrorism in Balochistan?]

India does not share a border with Balochistan. So apparently Indian agents are now in Afghanistan, working in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan where Al-Qaeda is conducting dance parties, destabilizing Balochistan. Also lets assume that Indian agents are working there, is it a crime to provide “moral and diplomatic support” to the oppressed Balochis ? Of all the people Pakistanis should understand this as they have been doing this to India for many decades.
But then you should come to the last paragraph in the editorial which tells Balochis that once the Gwadar port and three cantonments come up, there will be lot of jobs and prosperity. Employment situation can be improved if the Balochis are given jobs in the construction of the port, but in turn they have been kept away as their loyalty is suspect and Punjabis and Pashtuns have been bought in. If the Balochis decide to react against the exploitation of their land and treatment as second class citizens in Pakistans, it is their grievance which should be addressed first.
Also as The Acorn writes:

Then again, Pakistan should not complain if India were to provide

2 thoughts on “Accusing India

  1. It has always been pakistan ploy to create a bigger common target to keep its flock together.
    India has been conditioned into the peoples mind as an ever present enemy and by associating India with an act (popular like the struggle in balochistan or unpopular like terrorist strikes) the pakistani government seeks to discredit the act and the people behind it.
    The increasing unrest in balochistan proves that this ploy is wearing thin and the govt in pakistan would be better off listening to the genuine grivances of the balochis.

  2. thank you for projecting the true face of the war of rights of balochs these acts are not related to terriorism in any way bur a holy war for rights

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