Kerry Leading

Newsweek has a new poll in which John Kerry is leading ahead of George Bush by 7 points.

Coming out of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Sen. John Kerry now holds a seven-point lead over President George W. Bush (49 percent to 42 percent) in a three-way race with independent Ralph Nader (3 percent), according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll The poll was taken over two nights, both before and after Kerry’s acceptance speech. Respondents who were queried after Kerry’s Thursday night speech gave the Democrat a ten-point lead over Bush. Three weeks ago, Kerry

2 thoughts on “Kerry Leading

  1. this was Kerry’s week … exactly .. now we should wait and see how dubya responds. aside from the undecided voters determining the election results .. me thinks what is more important is the turn of events in iraq .. if any significant findings/events occur there .. that will be the major deciding factor (one way or the other)

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