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There is “some more information”: about the 1000 year old shipwrreck “that was found”: in the sleepy hamlet of Kadakkarapally of Thykkal village in Alappuzha district of Kerala.
bq. Archeologists say the boat is a product of fantastic workmanship. It is a double- hulled, double mast boat, divided into 11 compartments. The masts are no longer present. One mast step is in the center of the boat and the other is in the bow end. The boat has a pointed bow. The boat measures about 18.70 metres in length and its width is 4.05 metres. The original length of the boat could be around 21 metres.
bq. According to the historical records available, Thykkal was once a busy port. The Kerala Coastal Gazette, published by a local church says Thykkal and nearby areas had settlement of Jews and Arabs.The Gazette adds that the area where the ship was found could have been either a broad canal leading to the sea or part of the Arabian Sea itself. Thykkal is only two kilometers away from the Arabian sea coast in Alappuzha district.
While the older article mentioned that this wreck was 1000 years old, the new one says it is about 600-800 years old.
This brings up the question, what makes a hamlet sleepy ?

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  1. “This brings up the question, what makes a hamlet sleepy ?”
    Too much kappa.
    BTW, wonder where all that technology, workmanship and attention to details went. Look at the wrecks we turn out these days.

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