Ban The Movie

So far we have been hearing only the accusation of anti-Semitism for Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ. But now one Christian group has asked for a “ban on the film”:
bq. Eliyas told reporters here that the movie seems to have a hidden agenda to dispute Christian beliefs and historical facts centered around the Bible. The resurrection of Christ has been portrayed in a purely mythical light and though the language used in the movie is said to be Aramaic, the language used by Christ, in fact it is only a mixture of Arabic and ArabiSyriac. So are many facts which go against traditional beliefs and history. One should also take note of the fact that a controversy is already raging in the West that the movie is a product of an international conspiracy to distort Christian beliefs, he noted.
This is surprising considering the fact that Mel Gibson is a firm believer and he made the movie after “meditating on the Gospels”: The movie was adapted from the four Biblical Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark and John and so if a Christian is saying that a movie adapted from the Gospels is an international conspiracy, then it must be.
Now if Eliyas has finished attacking this movie, then he should pay attention to the book, “The Da Vinci Code”: which has Christians all wild, and has “united both Protestants and Catholics”:
bq. Among “The Da Vinci Code” critics are evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics who regard the novel – which is laced with passages celebrating feminism, anticlericalism and pagan forms of worship – as another infiltration by liberal cultural warriors. They also say the book exploits distrust of the Catholic Church in the aftermath of the clergy sexual abuse scandal.