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bq. “Let them attack us, let them abuse us, let them beat us or even let them kill us, my family’s and my heart beats for India and will continue to beat for India,” he said in Amethi, from where he will contest the Lok Sabha election on a Congress ticket. [“Rahul Gandhi”:, son of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Grandson of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and great-grandson of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru]
It is pathetic when you have credentials like these and still have to make explicit statements that your heart beats for India.
Senior Congress Leader “Karunakaran”:
bq. Seeking to clarify his position on the issue, Karunakaran said that he still believed that community-based organisations should refrain from using their influence for electoral bargaining.
but “according to Congress Sources”: in a separate issue
bq. ”Only a Latin Catholic will be fielded from Ernakulam. And the Church has a major say in the whole process. We are discussing the matter,”
But then Congress is not claiming to be a party with a difference.

2 thoughts on “From the Campaign Trail

  1. it is really pity that rahul gandhi have to say this to prove himself as real indian(same as muslims of india).while the killers of mahatma gandhi,indira gandhi,rajiv gandhi call themselves as real indians.

  2. I can’t quite figure out if his intention was proving his indianness. It is election time. Ideology from almost all parties is like lines drawn on water.
    Like JK mentioned, pathetic.
    Also, I am fairly certain that killers of Rajiv Gandhi called them real Sri Lankan tamilians 🙂

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