From the Campaign Trail – II

Apparently Sonia Gandhi Pvt. Ltd will come to power after the General Elections according to “Rahul Gandhi”:, who recently declared that his “heart beats for India”:
bq. “The BJP knows that the Congress is going to come back to power,” he said adding “sacred by this scenario the BJP is indulging in attacks on my family.”
One of the strategies that the party is following is to ally with the communists to fight against the BJP. So for example in “Orissa”:,~Left~take~on~BJP~in~Orissa
bq. Senior Congress leaders including former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh and J B Patnaik rubbed shoulders with CPI Secretary D Raja and CPI-M State Secretary Janardan Pati on the stage and talked of throwing out BJP and its allies from power together.
But in Kerala and West Bengal, the same party is against the Communists. So when a leader from Sonia Gandhi Pvt. Ltd is traveling across states, he should first find out, if they are against the communists or with the communists. Looks like a winning strategy.
Also, now that the private sector is flying, the party thinks it is time to intervene there as well. So if Sonia Gandhi Pvt. Ltd comes to power:
bq. Anxious to win back the support of Muslims, tribals, and dalits who once formed the core of the Congress? electoral base, the party has promised reservation for Dalits in the private sector and seperate quota for socially and educationally backward Muslims. [via “Economic Times”:]
Excellent. But then Congress never claimed that it is a party with a difference.

2 thoughts on “From the Campaign Trail – II

  1. Agreed the Congress does have double standards but so does the BJP and all their allies…. There are no morals or ethics when it comes to Politics!

  2. Siddharth, This is the same excuse that Arundhathi Roy gave when it was found that she had built a house in some protected area — that so many others also had violated the law.

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