The Change of Perception

*How do you explain the dramatic improvements in the bilateral relationship between New Delhi and Washington?*
bq. The role played by the Indian expatriate community in the US acted as the lever for this change of perception about India. When we found that 40 percent of IT engineers had an Indian background or were Indians, there was a feeling that something was going on. We saw President Clinton taking interest in promoting India-US relations, he also visited India. Now the US government has agreed to go in for a strategic partnership with us, and the strategic partnership document was signed in November 2001 between President Bush and Prime Minister Vajpayee. In January 2004, the two leaders pledged to implement the strategic partnership at the highest level. [“India’s Foreign Secretary Shashank”:]

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  1. And yet from time to time US administration do a U-turn and root for Pakistan. To the extent that the last controversy where the top nuclear scientist spilled the beans, Bush govt. said that they will believe what Musharraf says.

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