Ultimate Reality of Matter

 He found that the entire material universe was composed of particles or “indivisible units”. These units exhibit in endless variation the basic qualities of matter: mass, cohesion, temperature, and movement. They combine to form structures which seem to have some permanence. But actually these are all composed of miniscule _kalapas_ which are in a state of continuously arising and passing away. This is the ultimate reality of matter: a constant stream of waves or particles. This is the body which we each call “myself”

And this scientist was: Buddha.
[from Art of Living – Vipassana Meditation as taught by S N Goenka]

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Reality of Matter

  1. Very good post. yes, whenever I read about Buddha, Kabir, or Plato or Chankaya, I feel again and again that they were way ahead of their time. Buddhism seems quite progressive religion. Buddha tried to save it from orthodoxism. But later on as happen with any religion, some of it seped in!
    But a very good post. More please.

  2. Won’t you agree that it’s not thr religionor the philosophy, but the changing attitudes of the so-called ‘homo sapiens’ that’s causing all the chaos…it’s a slow degradation of the past progressiveness!!…good work Mr.JK…

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