Sony Clie TH55

I have been evaluating various PDAs for quite sometime and had settled on the Sony Clie TJ-35. I ogled for quite a while without actually buying the device till Sony withdrew it from the market and came out with three new devices. I decided not to waste anymore time and got myself the “Sony Clie TH55”:;sid=y6bL-RdWzUfL3FcKeUDB8lhG9hLnF6qr1_k=?CategoryName=hp_Multimedia&ProductSKU=PEGTH55%2fU&Dept=hp
This device has a 320×480 high resolution display, a camera with 2x optical zoom, audio and video player and integrated Wi-Fi. Considering that I used to own a Palm III before this, it is like owning a Lexus RX after driving a Toyota Corolla.
Brighthand has the “review”: of the TH55 and PalmZone has a “comparison”: of TH55 and Palm T3. The best site for keeping track of Clie news is “ClieSource”:
Software sources for the Palm are
* “Sonystyle”:
* “Palm Gear”:

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