More Bollywood Rules

Jivha had a blog entry on the “Top Thirteen Rules for Bollywood, 2004 Edition”: Here are some of mine
# Even a poor villager goes to Switzerland to sing songs. We don’t know how he gets the money, maybe by selling one of his kidneys.
# In song sequences, every hero and heroine has a crowd of extras repeating the same steps behind them. 50 years and Bollywood has not found a different way to picturize film songs.
# Every film has a song which is set on stage which is surrounded by crowds of people, who just wave their arms in air. Where do these arm waving people work ?
# If want to look macho and your name is Bobby Deol or Sunil Shetty, then you should wear Rayban glasses even if it is midnight.
# If it is an Amitabh Bachchan movie, there has to be atleast one song where he dances with a bunch of scantily clad girls old enough to be his granddaughter.
# There has to be atleast one song containing the word “Maahive” and “Soniye”.
# Humor is Johnny Lever shouting.

4 thoughts on “More Bollywood Rules

  1. Good observation. :-). You can keep on writing series of blogs on their tricks and gimmiks :-)about their characters, story,songs, dress, sets…

  2. 8) The bad guys never “get” the meaning of the final song with the hero(es) tied up.
    9) All that the hero needs is a mole on his cheek to disguise himself.
    10) The bad guy says – “mere jaisa kameena aaj tak is duniya mein paida nahi huwa”, blissfully unaware of cognitive dissonance.

  3. 11. All action movies will have every charcter in the movie handling everything from bazooka to the most modern military equipment. Probably UN needs to send their arms-finding mission team to places where Hindi movies are being shot.
    12. There is always a nightclub song with mostly Ila Arun singing it

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