Job Market will boom

And how is this job market going to pick up ? It is going to start with a trickle. People are so frustrated with their jobs now that if a better one comes, a lot of people are “going to quit”:
bq. Consider, for example, that more than eight in 10 workers plan to look for a new job when the economy heats up, according to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Professionals. While there’s a difference between looking for a new gig and actually jumping ship, that kind of number is “very, very high,” says SHRP spokesman Frank Scanlon.
And why are so many people going to quit ?
bq. Many employees are overworked, stressed out, fed up — and eager to quit their jobs once the economy picks up. In fact, worker angst is so pronounced that it has surprised even the most tuned-in human resource professionals.
bq. The threat of pink slips has prompted plenty of people to work scared and to give everything to their jobs. Overtime isn’t that uncommon anymore. Nearly 40 percent of all workers spend at least 50 hours on the job per week.
As people quit, vacancies will be created. People will be moving around. Dow is now at 9,848.83 and Nasdaq at 1,973.11. Dow is soon going to go beyond 10,000 and Nasdaq above 2000. Since the American stock market is emotional, once these numbers are crossed, there will be some exhuberance, more spending and more hiring. Already, the “job market is picking up”:
Call this wishful thinking if you want. But don’t forget to thank me for predicting this, if it all comes true.

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