Fire – II

Now there are more fires burning. Some fires have combined together and are causing massive destruction. Gray Davis has “declared emergency”: in two counties. There have been atleast 11 deaths so far. Out of that two people died in the car trapped in flames. 500 homes have been destroyed.
We were out doing groceries and the sun was up, but it was burning through the smoke which has filled the sky. So the sun has an orange color, like during sunset.
All local channels are now providing round the clock coverage and that’s the only thing we are watching.

2 thoughts on “Fire – II

  1. Srijith, We are safe. The fire is now moving into the mountain resorts like Big Bear and Lake Arrow head. Yesterday I saw the blue sky in our area after a long time. Till yesterday it was smoky. So now in L.A, the smog, fog and the smoke have to fight for space.

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