Newsmakers: Tigers

The newsmakers last week in US were, believe it or not, Tigers.
First performer Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy was “mauled by a tiger”: on stage.
bq. He suffered a severe wound to his neck when the 7-year-old male tiger named Montecore attacked Friday night in front of hundreds of people. Officials said Sunday he had improved and could move his hands and feet.
And in New York, a man decided to have a “Tiger as a pet”: in his apartment.
bq. New York has been described as a concrete jungle, but one Harlem resident seems to have taken that literally as police were called in to remove a tiger and an alligator from his apartment. Tipped off by phone calls from neighbors, police on Saturday found the wildlife in the apartment of 31-year-old Antoine Yates, who faces charges of reckless endangerment.
This is the last chance for the tigers to be in the limelight. Tomorrow it is the polls in California and all the talking heads are here, Tom Brokaw, Chris Matthews, Petter Jennings..

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  1. And there was that beer driking US soldier who wanted to play touchie-touchie with a Royal Bengal Tiger (?) in Bagdad zoo, a couple of days back.

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