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As we enter the final week of recall campaign in California, it is getting dirtier by the minute. Yesterday the LA Times ran an article on “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s past”: Now ABC News has published some quotes from an unpublished book proposal in which he said that “he admired Hitler”: for being a good public speaker and what he was able to do with it.
If you switch on the TV, you are bombarded with ads by Gray Davis, Bustemante, Arnold, and Native Indians. Often one follows the other, saying what the previous guy said is all wrong. The media has now discarded all major issues in the world like Iraq, Afghanistan, Al-Queda and is now concentrated on the recall. Anyways, the pain will be over in a few days.

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  1. Actually from the completely published quote, it seems like Arnold said he admired Hitler’s ability to command people, while he did not like what Hitler did with his pwer…

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