Two states, wierd politics

Our California Recall Circus now has “new poll numbers”: 63% of the people polled said that they would replace Gov. Gray Davis. And guess who is leading the polls to replace him – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold was the choice of 40% of the people.
There is another Republican candidate, Senator Tom McClintock in the fray and there is news that the Republican Administration wants him to withdraw. This was the “same reason”: that Darrel Issa, the person who started the recall campaign asked people to vote No on the recall.
Arnold has been running ads against the Indians saying that they have not been paying taxes after making money in their casinos and if he becomes Governor all that is going to change. The Indians have been running their own ads against Arnold.
But leaving all this aside, one person who is benefitting from this recall is Adult Actress Book Review: PakistanCarey. Her videos are now selling well.
In my other home state, Kerala, the by elections, the official Congress candidate was defeated by the leftists. In Kerala, Congress party is made of two factions, Karunakaran and Antony. Antony is the Chief Minister and Karunakaran is acting as the opposition party. So when an Antony loyalist was given the ticket, the entire Karunakaran machinery worked against the official candidate.
Now Rediff is reporting that Karunakaran is “planning”: to join hands with the Communists to topple the ministry. So this would be Congress and Communists joining hands to topple a Congress ministry.
We are all waiting to see what the “High Command” will say in this matter.
Is it me or why do the two states I live have such wierd politics ?

4 thoughts on “Two states, wierd politics

  1. I would love to see Peter Camejo of the green party take away Sacremento.
    He would have calif back in form. I hope he makes. It’s thumbs down for Arnold. Superstars don’t make good politicians.

  2. Lazy Geek, Looks like Arnold is going to win. It is only a week away. But then Gray Davis is not known to give up easy. I think this week we will be flooded with negative ads like crazy.

  3. Anthony is one honest politician. I wonder why Anthony cannot be a congress candidate for PM. The high command culture sucks. How do we expect congress respect democratic institutions in the country when their party organization is so autocratic? As far as kerala, it is time commies are shown the door. One thing I can never understand is keralites are so hard working and enterprising outside kerala but within kerala they elect commies with zero enterprising spirit.

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