Mumbai Blasts (Updates)

“Sameer”: writes from Mumbai
bq. The people of Mumbai have, as always, bounced right back, refusing to be cowed down. Whether this is resilience or apathy… one thing is certain. The spirit that keeps Mumbai ticking has not died down. An example of that resilience is the fact that the Sensex, which plumetted 120 points during the day yesterday, after the news of the blasts broke… has bounced back by regaining most of the lost ground. The sensex was 108 points up from yesterday’s close at the time I posted this entry.
And “MadMan”: is furious at the intelligence agencies
bq. And why is it that the only intelligence information that you can come up with is something that any one of us could have figured out? Have you been taking lessons from Bejan Daruwalla?
And India has “pointed the finger at Pakistan”:
bq. “India’s growth, its success both as a democracy and as a secular country with a large Muslim population, its economic progress are the factors at the root of the neighbour’s hostility. It is wrong to attribute it only to differences over Jammu and Kashmir,” he said during a visit to the metropolis.

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