25 years of Mohanlal

25 years back Mohanlal acted in his first movie, “Thiranottam”, which was released in one theatre. Now he is one of India’s best actors.
bq. Malayalam superstar Mohanlal rode a bicycle on the road leading to his house in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday to recreate his first shot before the arc lights 25 years ago when he made his debut as an actor. Almost all the artistes and technicians who were associated with his first film ‘Thiranottam’ were present for the rare photo session in front of the Poojappura-Mudavanmughal residence of the versatile actor.
Update: Rediff has a “special feature”:http://www.rediff.com/movies/2003/sep/03mohan1.htm on this occasion
[Source: “Sify”:http://sify.com/movies/malayalam/fullstory.php?id=13232877, “Srijith”:http://www.srijith.net/trinetre/archives/2003/09/03/index.shtml#000412]

9 thoughts on “25 years of Mohanlal

  1. I have always been amazed at the variety of roles that Mohanlal has been able to play in his movies.
    Given any actor’s name you can second guess the role he is gonna potray, execpt for Mohanlal.

  2. True. But I started hating him when he started acting in that superman kind of roles, you know the Narasimham type. Now looks like he is back to playing normal humans.

  3. Even in the recent non-superman movies, like kakka kuyil, the lal humour was missing. I heard that he recently renewed his professional relationship with sreenivasan and that sreeni is writing a lot of scripts for lal these days. That definitely is good news, aint it?
    Srijith, there is one other person that I can name. But he is not too much into mallu cinema. Kamah hassan, who else?

  4. Mohanlal shoul wipe off the greasepaint for the time being, because the roles he plays are more suited to the younger clan. In his best days there wasn’t a soul to match his acting skills. But his dialogue delivery nowadays and his demeanour on screen have become banal.

  5. no one can compete him and how can u compare actors they different but truly for his performance one can never find a substitute

  6. No doubt Mohan lal is a great hero, but it is high time that he should switch over to roles of seniors, like father,uncle, doctor or lawyer, and give the roles to younger boys that have now entered the bollywood

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