Forgotten Indians: Mangal Pandey

One of the important freedom fighters during the 1857 freedom struggle was Mangal Pandey.
bq. Influenced by the example of his “compatriots in Behrampur”:, Mangal Pandey refused to use the greased cartridges and broke into open mutiny on March 29, 1857, at Barrackpore near Calcutta and used his comrades to join him. Surrounding by guards and European Officers, he tried to commit suicide by shooting himself and was seriously wounded. He was court-martialled on April 6 and hanged at Barrackpore on April 8, 1857.
Director Ketan Mehta is making a film “1857 – The uprising”:, in which Aamir Khan is playing Mangal Pandey
[Source: “Indian Post”:]

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