NRIs helping India!

bq. So moved was he by the sight of his flattened childhood school following a super cyclone that an Orissa expatriate decided to rebuild it entirely on his own.
bq. “Das did not take any help from the government and spent nearly about Rs.12 million on it,” said local block development officer Gouranga Chanran Mohanty.
Those Damn NRIs! What will likes of Praful Bidwai do now ?
[source: “Silicon India”:]

3 thoughts on “NRIs helping India!

  1. No doubt both Praful Bidwai and Pritish Nandy consider this school nothing more than a nest for capitalism and self-reliance. If they had their wish, they would burn it to the ground.

  2. I think Bidwai will feel good only when India finally attains that pinnacle of nationhood, by successfully emulating the Cuban model of governance 😉

  3. Read this from his latest article:
    It would be suicidal for India to collude with US plans for Empire. Collusion will bring India into hostile confrontation with political forces and ethnic-religious groups that it must live with. It will earn it the hatred of the Third World, where it belongs.
    He would die, if India became a developed country. That why is he so much against development, the large amount of people getting rich due to IT etc.

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