Monsoon Update

How is the monsoon affecting the country ? Here is a sample:
bq. “Monsoon magic drives up auto counters”: Automobile stocks are on a roll. Expectations of gains from the agricultural sector because of a satisfactory monsoon have raised demand for these stocks. It also has boosted the “outlook for cotton”:
Reliance is using the Monsoon to make a dashing entry into the mobile telephone market. It is called “Monsoon Hungama”: Can two companies use the same marketing name ? Ebony too had a “Monsoon Hungama”: It is not just the people who are watching the monsoons, the Reserve Bank is too.
bq. “No urgency to cut repo: Jalan:”: “We are waiting for the inflation and monsoon situation to become clear,” Jalan told reporters on the sidelines of the NCAER annual meeting here.
While the monsoons are good news for some, it is bad for others. For example the “BSF in Jammu and Kashmir”: It has also hampered the “iron ore production”: But the worst has been the news that “1.1 million people have been left homeless”:
Since this blog has been obsessed with monsoons, it was only fair that I write an “article”: about it.

3 thoughts on “Monsoon Update

  1. It sure is good news for our home town in Andhra. As an agricultural area, the whole town survival depends on rain. Past four months, it was very difficult out there without rain and water, so I am praying to God “Bring it On more.”

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