Lecturing Minorities

bq. He urged representatives of the minority community to show some patience as far as the Marad issue was concerned. He wanted them to take sober positions in view of the general feeling among the majority communities that the minority communities were enjoying several privileges and were using their organised strength to wrest more benefits from the Government.
bq. The representatives of the minority communities and party leaders should not shut their eyes to the large-scale economic inequalities that exist in the State. They should not think that they could make the Government do anything on the basis of their organised strength,…
Guess who is giving this lecture to minorities in India ? No it is not Praveen Togadia or Ashok Singhal or Bal Thackarey. “It is AK Antony”:http://hinduonnet.com/stories/2003071006280700.htm, the Chief Minister of Kerala, who is from the secular Congress party. He is a courageous man, since he is ruling the state with the support of Muslim League, another secular party.