Ashuddo: “The early Sultans were eager to expand the sway of Islam by forcibly converting Hindus to Islam”
Shuddo: Delete
Ashuddho: “As dictated by Islam, there were three options for non-muslims, get yourself converted to Islam, pay jaziya or face death. In an Islamic state, non-Muslims had to accept one of these choices”
Shuddho: Delete
Ashuddho: “Muslims used to take recourse to torture and inhuman means to force their religious beliefs and practices on Indians”
Shuddo: Delete
These are some of the examples of what text has been deleted from history text books in West Bengal based on a state circular (Syl/89/1). The circular mentioned what is Ashuddo (impurities, error) and how it had to be replaced. All these are on the chapter on “Aurangzeb’s policy on religion”.
According to the secular version of history taught in West Bengal, there were no forced conversions, no massacres, no destruction of temples. All this from the chapter “A circular” in “Eminent Historians”: by Arun Shourie

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