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Like “Indian Ink”:http://indianink.bloghosts.com/archives/000157.html, I too went to see “The Rise of the Machines”:http://us.imdb.com/Title?0181852 this weekend. Compared to T1 and T2, this one is souless. The movie is lot of explosions and no story. (Ok, there is a story, which is the same as T2). Arnold is not even convincing as a robot.
But then I saw “The Guru”:http://us.imdb.com/Title?0280720 which is an insult to everything, Indians, intelligence etc and it is not even funny. And this is a film whose executive producer is Shekhar Kapur.
So if you want to like T3, then see Guru first.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Movies

  1. I have long stopped seeing movies with Arnold and Silvester, expect maybe one or two Rocky series. No way am I gonno watch T3. I have even decided not to watch Charlie’s Angels.
    As of now, I have been avoiding a lot of movies. Charlies, T3, Hulk, Bruce Almighty etc, for good, my friends tell me 🙂

  2. i liked it….what did u expect? i mean its a mindless action…it was pretty cool…he tried to be funny too…(talk to the hand), i did not go with any expectations..and i liked it…
    Have u seen Mr and Mrs Iyer?

  3. >>Srijith, Bruce Almighty is actually pretty good if you are looking for some laughs.
    But I have heard that all funny scenes have already been shown in the trailer and there is nothing much more than that :]

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