Shanti has this news about an Indian graduate student in Boston, Bhalerao, who was tortured and stabbed because some morons thought he was from Iraq. She is right when she says:
bq. “Horrible!:”: Whether this attack was intended towards a Muslim or a Hindu or anybody, I think it was extremely cruel and horrible. I hope they lock the perpetrators up and throw away the key. Such people are not fit to live amongst other human beings.
and now police have arrested the criminal involved
bq. “Man arrested in attack on pizza driver:”: Police arrested a 20-year-old man early yesterday after he and several others allegedly kidnapped and stabbed a pizza delivery man, police said. Christopher Pereira, of New Bedford, was charged with kidnapping, assault with intent to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed robbery, and larceny of a motor vehicle. Saurabh Bhalerao, 24, an employee at Sanducci’s Pizza, was in fair condition at Rhode Island Hospital last night.

4 thoughts on “Criminals

  1. i don’t think hating is general is bad… its in human nature, some people like you guys..who have seen the world and have thought over these issues a lot, conclude whats right..but that 20 yr old…who did it..has a narrow view..and has not been exposed to all the details in his life….
    Still it doesn’t make it right…but i don’t agree with locking them in isolation…bla ..

    Both Shanti and JK have posts regarding the vicious attack on an Indian graduate student in the Boston area by…

  3. wierd, as you said hating is in human nature. the problem is when it manisfests as physical violence. there was sikh who was shot in Arizona after 9/11 because he had a turban. all due to ignorance

  4. well as i said, people who do such crimes are not thinking or don’t have capacity to make a wise judgement… if we start hating them..whats the difference… we should try and eliminate the cause that makes them think of doing something like that..Hating is ok…i am sure everyone hates someone or the other…but yeah taking action because of that taking it to next level and thats where i think those guys are SICK, they need help.

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