Communists in the Library of Congress ?

“Romila Thapar’s appointment to Library of Congress opposed”:
bq. regards to India, she is an avowed antagonist of India’s Hindu civilization as a well-known Marxist. She represents a completely Euro-centric worldview. I fail to see how she can be the correct choice to represent India’s ancient history and civilization. She completely disavows that India ever had a history. The ongoing campaign by Romila Thapar and others to discredit Hindu civilization is a war of cultural genocide. By your unfortunate selection of Thapar, America is now aiding and abetting this effort.
Why would you want to oppose an eminent historian ? Take a look at Rajeev Srinivasan’s article in Rediff, “Historicide: Censoring the past… and the present”:

4 thoughts on “Communists in the Library of Congress ?

  1. I believe in dividing the personal from the professional. Romila Thapar may well be a Marxist, one of thousands who litter academia. So in this sense, she is not a rare bird.
    But does her political views cloud her scholarship? Is her research shoddy, her methodology unsound?

  2. That is a good question to ask, Niraj. I would suspect that research is unsound when the researcher already has the conclusion and is using the research to just fill in the blanks, in other words – trying to make facts fit in with theory instead of vice versa. Thinking that way, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable with her scholarship or put too much trust in her works.

  3. I am not surprised about the lengths to which the commies went to ‘preserve’ history. Infact, I have a cousin of mine who works in Calcutta as a government officer. His stories always amazes me. His impression was marxism was everywhere in Bengal (ofcourse a known fact!!). Beginning from school level, every one is taught to think on those lines, it is like a cult, with nobody to put things in a normal perspective. It strongly reminds of the old Soviet Union (minus the KGB) !!
    It’s really sad that this kind of distortion has crept into the history textbooks everywhere in India. One could not comprehend that this group with a majority in only two Indian states, is able to cast its influence in the Parliament (like the anti-Iraq-war resolution)
    I can’t imagine what harm will occur to India’s image if this commie sits at LOC.

  4. The present Govt. has decided to do archeological excavations in the Saraswati basin. Already many “historians” are against it, saying that the BJP Govt. is trying to push back the antiquity of Indian Civilization.
    Now if you are a true scientist, you should be saying, let’s see what we find. If Indian Civilization is found to be older, let’s accept it.
    Arun Shourie has a book called Emiment Historians exposing all these experts. Also read my blog entry

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